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I know hardly anyone reads these, but I need to get some serious feels off of my chest.

Okay, I just saw that draft from Hiro Mashima about the current arc in the manga and my first thought was WTF!!!!! Why is lucy kneeling in front of Zeref?!! The single most hated mage in all of Fiore and HISTRY? What does he mean by "Follow the king's order, Lucy" and the part about "A song to yearn, I will never meet Natsu again"? I was freaking out for a good hour or so ... but then I started to think of a, maybe somewhat out there, theory about it. The draft stated that "the mysterious magic power will show up very soon" and that got my brain churning. What if, somehow, Eclipse, The thing under the original guildhall, the dragons disappearing, Layla, and the dragon slayers, not to mention the "One Magic", are all connected?

What I think is that "the king" Zeref is talking about could possibly Agnologia, seeing as in the manga it said he became the king of the dragons 400 years ago and Zeref could, maybe, be his servent somehow. All of the dragons disappeared on x777, the same day Layla Heartfellia, Lucy's mother, passed away. That can't be by chance. And also, the "One Magic", Layla told Lucy about it before she died but what exactly IS it? I know, as well as many other people, that its a form off lost magic, but that's about it. The thing(I can't remember it's name, sorry) under the original fairy tail guild location is also said to be a form of lost magic, and only the guild masters are allowed to know about it, let alone SEE it, so it has to be important. And finally Eclipse, the door that opened up to 400 years ago, The time with Zeref and the dragons, then letting the dragons come through to the present. Well, I know Igneel and grandynee knew about this happening before the time skip because they were seen talking about seeing each other at the "festival of the dragon king", which is what the grand magic games is referred to later on in the manga, also Eclipse opening and the dragons coming back strangely foreshadowing what is seen in an image of the festival.

I think, when the dragons first disappeared, Layla was the key to that. She performed a spell that sealed eather the dragons in another dimenstion until that day, seeing as she is a celestial spirit mage, then using the rest of her magic to seal away a special power in her daughter that would be the key to saving everyone, resulting in her death. That might be a little to far'fetched, but it isn't all that impossible. Agnologia might know of this power and, possibly, is associated with Layla somehow and has a plan to use Lucy's power. In order to get her power to unseal, Zeref was sent to help Lucy fight, then have her join him and tricking her into helping Agnologia. Eclipse, I think was the first step into unsealing Lucy's power, and also Agnologia's plan, but the next step is actually getting her to use it.

Lucy said that she thought that she knew what the "One Magic" was, and that was what we call "love", but what if it was only a step in actually awakening the "One Magic"? What If Lucy's sealed away power is actually the "One Magic" that so many want to obtain and in order to awaken it, she need to experience the feeling of "love" for someone? I think that Zeref is the one that tells Lucy that she won't be able to see her friends anymore after she helps him, and that makes her think of her family, Fairy Tail, and Natsu, who she finally confronts her feelings towards him. She then starts to sing out of yearning about not being able to be with her family, and thinks to herself "I will never meet Natsu again." Her love for the dragon slayer awakens the "One Magic" within her.

Now, about the thing under the original guildhall, I think that Lucy's song somehow is the key to activating it. I don't know why, but I just get a strong feeling about it. And, when it's activated, it will use the "One Magic" in Lucy to send Zeref and, more importantly Agnologia, back to their own time through Eclipse along with the dragons that came through Eclipse before. Unfortunately, I don't think that the dragon slayers play that big of a role in this except to fend off the other dragons long enough for this process to take place, but I am most likely completely wrong. Of course, it could be that Agnologia doesn't go back through the door and they all have to team up to defeat him, or something similar to that, I'm not entirely certain. And keep in mind that this is only a THEORY, and all of this is, for a better word, my over-imaginative mind working on me and seeing connections that aren't really there, but the only one who truly knows what is going to happen is the creator himself. Looking forward to see what happens!!!

Ps: If you are reading this, i apologize for my rant, but It just had to be done! My feels needed to be let out somehow and this is the result. So I'm sorry if someone read this and thought it was a complete waste of your time, but I would also like to know your opinion on this. What do you think? I would love to to know Nya~


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